S MIN shelf



COLOR: white / black / anthracite / gray

SIZE: 25 x 30 cm, height 50 cm

Made in our family workshop in EU.





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There are three dimensions of shelves in the line: S MAX, S MID, S MIN; they are made from sheet metal and powder coated in different colors.

Shelves S are more than ordinary book shelves. Various compositions of shelves S, due to their minimalist forms, are a perfect addition to any room: from the living room all the way to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The advantage of shelves S is that they are easy to install, you can even change position of the shelves! With a combination of several pieces of shelves S, you can create your own composition and obtain all the required shelf space.

We designes all Steelline products to fit your lifestyle and make your living easier. Geometric shapes of Steelline furniture are dynamic, but simple enough to be easily combined with existing furniture. Steelline products are made in Slovenia. From the idea and design to production, because we want to spread the culture of good Slovenian design, keep the quality high and produce our designs localy. Our products are elegant, functional and useful in your everyday life. We pay special attention to detail and final production to make sure our products are top quality.


The material from which S MIN shelf is made:

Materials used for our products are durable, treated in a way that makes them pleasant to touch and easy to maintain. Our production methods are environmentally friendly, and we choose only materials which can be recycled. The material we use for S MIN shelf is steel, powder-coated in different colours.



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Dimensions 25 × 30 × 50 cm


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