The clothes valet,

redesigned for

the modern age.

Our clothes stand Plutoo is one of the more unique pieces of furniture on the market.

A clean and timeless form, smooth surfaces, a variety of colours, and material options ensure the Plutoo clothes stand combines well with your existing furniture.


Clothes hanger Plutoo will soon become an indispensable part of your home! Its elegant form follows its function. You can put lots of clothes on it, which fall one past the other, air out, and stay wrinkle-free until the next use. Taking up very little space, the Plutoo clothes stand is an understated addition to any home.

The Plutoo’s mission is to decrease your household workload and improve you ecological footprint. Not only will you do less washing, but the lifespan of your clothes will also be extended. This clothes rack saves you time, money, and takes care of the environment.


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