3S magnet

Magnetic storage system

composed of wall covering and magnetic accessories.

Free your workspace with
3S MAGNET storage system!

Get all the shelf and storage space you need, on your back wall. Order a custom sized wall panel and match it perfectly to your interior. You can choose shape, size and colour of
3S Magnet wall panels.

3S Magnet is a creative and flexible storage solution for every room!
You can clad the whole back wall in 3S magnet wall panels or you can just order a stripe, that you glue on top of your existing wall covering. Graphite colour wall panels can double as blackboards and you can write with chalk or chalk markers on them

Choose from our extensive catalogue of magnetic accessories and create a set that matches your needs.  We offer a wide range of magnetic shelves, hangers, holders, planters and hooks. All out magnetic accessories are very strong and have permanent magnets built in.






3S magnet wall coverings are finger print-free, waterproof and heat resistant. You can clad the wall behind gas stoves with our panels. Even more, they are slow to get dirty and are very easy to clean.

Our wall panels are very versatile. You can use them as kitchen splashback, wall coverings in bathroom, as creative pin-up boards, blackboards, decorative panels or green walls.

When it comes to mounting – 3S magnet wall panels are glued onto any type of surface: walls, wood, glass,… We produce customized wall panels with cutouts for electricity if needed.

Maximum size of one panel is either 80cm x 250cm OR 120cm x 200cm. In case you need a bigger wall panel we produce it in two or more pieces. The connection is usually hair thin.


STEP 1: Grab the magnetic accessory with both hands and hold it at an angle.

STEP 2: Press the bottom edge to the wall covering in horizontal position.


STEP 3: Slowly even the element towards the wall covering.

STEP 4: Load the accessory evenly (centrally).

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Collection of magnetic accessories


Collection of magnetic accessories


Collection of magnetic accessories


Collection of magnetic accessories



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