3S magnet

3S magnet

Magnetic storage system 


wall panels

kitchen backsplash, magnetic board, bathroom wall covering, creative surface, pinup board, blackboard, sensory wall, activity panel…


magnetic accessories

magnetic shelves, planters, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, clothes hooks, wine racks, umbrella holders…

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If you want to receive a price list or an offer for a custom panel, please send us a message.

To make an offer for a custom panel we need dimensions and number of cutouts for electrical sockets.


We offer:

  • standard sized wall panels
  • custom size panels
  • fitted kitchen backsplash / bathroom wall coverings with cutouts

3S magnet wall panels are great when used as backsplashes since they are:

  • heat resistant
  • water resistant
  • easy to clean
  • highly resistant to UV rays, fingerprints, and scratches

Our magnetic kitchen backsplashes:

  • are elegant (big monochrome surfaces)
  • are very easy to clean
  • pleasant to the touch
  • have very thin seams when joined together
  • have invisible sealing and installation mechanisms.

A custom made 3S magnet wall panel adapts perfectly to your interior design and your specific needs. However, you can also choose from one of our standard-sized wall panels, which can be shipped in a couple of days.

resistant to microscratches

heat resistant


easy to clean

stain resistant

resistant to UV rays

You can use 3S magnet wall panels in different settings:


You can place a 3S magnet wall panel into your kitchen in different ways:

  • as a full fitted backsplash
  • as a partial wall cladding and protection against heat, stains and water
  • as a wall organization system (a place to store all your kitchen accessories)


  • bathroom backsplash
  • shelves in the shower
  • toilet accessories ( toilet paper holders, toilet brush holders, toilet paper racks…)


We offer a number of magnetic accessories on your hallway panel:

  • coat hooks,
  • umbrella holder,
  • shelves (for keys and mail),
  • wall planters,
  • or none at all!

Your hallway can change like your wardrobe does – with every season!

kid’s room

3S magnet wall panels in graphite color can also double as blackboards. That means your kid has a:

  • creative surface, that they can draw on,
  • pin up board to hang on posters or school schedules
  • shelf space to store school supplies
  • or a wall with clothes hooks


Magnetic accessories are what makes the 3S magnet system a game changer.

We used our multidisciplinary knowledge to develop a magnetic fastening system, that is very strong and can be applied to any storage accessory!

Make your walls both decorative and functional! You can find comprehensive lines of kitchen and bathroom accessories (which work great, due to their no-drill mounting), collections of shelves, hooks, planters and wine accessories.

Anything that is lying around your flat can be neatly stored or displayed on one of our panels: be that clothes, souvenirs from travels, kid’s drawings, etc.


See all of our products!

Check our SHOP (online catalog) and make a list of the kitchen / bathroom / living room accessories you need in your kitchen!

We also offer different designs and strength of shelves, indoor planters and hooks.

How to move our magnetic accessories:

STEP 1: Grab the magnetic accessory with both hands and hold it at an angle.

STEP 2: Press the bottom edge to the wall covering in horizontal position.


STEP 3: Slowly even the element towards the wall covering.

STEP 4: Load the accessory evenly (centrally).


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