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The most marvelous thing about our magnetic board is, that it grows and changes with your kids. The activity board you bought for your preschooler will become a blackboard for writing practice.

Later on they can use it as a pin board for homework, hobbies and after-school activities. If you add shelves, they can store their pencils and knick-knacks or they can grow small plants to learn responsibilities.

Add hooks instead of shelves and they have a designated space where they hang all the clothes, which would usually end up on the bed. 3S magnet wall panel is a creative space, where kids can express their interests.

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3S magnet wall panels can be used in kid’s rooms as …


3S magnetic panel is a wonderful writing board. You and your childern can write on it with chalk markers or pin up their drawings on paper. It’s also great as a drawing board – a place where children can draw and express themselves freely.


Pin board above the desk:

When children start school, they need a desk for homework and studying. A 3S magnetic board is a perfect solution to store all the pencils, crayons and markers. It’s a creative way, how to keep your child’s desk tidy, but still playful.


Activity board

Any type of magnets and magnetic toys will hold on our panel. Your kids can play with magnetic letters, tic tac toe, they can pin up pictures or keep their favourite toy on a shelf. When they outgrow toys, this can be the perfect space to hang clothes or school bags.

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If you want to receive a price list or an offer for a custom panel, please send us a message.

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