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Magnetic accessories are the perfect hallway storage. Seasons change – and so should your hallway furniture! A 3S magnet panel is the way to go if you want to organize your cluttered foyer.

Nowhere is the change of seasons as visible as in your entryway. Winter brings out coats and jackets, in spring and fall we use more umbrellas, and in summer we change shoes more often.

We can take care of your every need with our magnetic hallway storage accessories. We offer coat hooks, umbrella stands, shelves for keys or shoes, and magazine / mail holders.

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If you want to receive a price list or an offer for a custom panel, please send us a message.

To make an offer for a custom panel we need dimensions and number of cutouts for electrical sockets.

Magnetic accessories that you can use as your hallway storage solution:

Coat hooks

We offer hooks of different strengths. Basic wooden hooks are meant for easy loads and for the use in the kitchen. But a “strong” wooden hook can already take the load of a heavy winter jacket. Steel coat hooks are even stronger than wooden ones and each can carry multiple winter coats. “Strong” wall hooks can take up to 7kg/14lbs, so they are perfect for handbags, shool bags or backpacks.

Umbrella stands

You can choose from two different sizes of umbrella holders. Depending on the size of your family. The best part is, that when it’s not raining you can use the umberlla stand’s pars as separate parts – as a shelf and a towel (or scarf) rack!


Shelves for keys and shelves for shoes

We offer more than 20 different shelves, so you can choose a shape and size that fits your needs to a T. For anything you need to store in your hallway or entryway – keys, phones, wallets, shoes,…

Post or magazine holder

This mail holder can be an alternative shelf for your keys and walet. It’s design hides the content, so it can hide your valubles the clutter of the mail that is left in your post box.

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If you want to receive a price list or an offer for a custom panel, please send us a message.

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