Toilet paper rack • C • basic

powder coated steel

white / black / graphite

L  13 cm / 5.12”
W 13 cm / 5.12”
H  53 cm / 20.8”

MOUNTING:  double-sided tape (provided)

ITEM NO.       •      COLOUR
SM-TPRC-9016      WHITE
SM-TPRC-9005      BLACK

Made in our family workshop in EU.

We ship our products worldwide.

*Guaranteed only with the use of original 3S • magnet wall covering.





Toilet paper rack • C is one of the rare accessories in 3S MAGNET, that doesn’t have magnets on the back. Therefore, you don’t have to install a wall covering to fix it onto the wall.

You can buy it as a stand alone element, or you can also fix one of our magnetic toilet paper holders on the top of this rack. As a result you can create a perfect set for your bathroom, with no drilling necessary.

You can glue the toilet paper rack to your wall with double sided tape, which we already place on the back of the element. You can store up to 3 toilet paper rolls on this rack, plus another one on the magnetic toilet holder if you go for the set.

Toilet paper rack • C is composed of two parts – the back and front cover. They are attached together with the help of magnets. Therfore, you can take the mask of when you are re-filling the rack.

  • Powder coated steel – Sheet steel, powder coated with a special, textured paint, which is heat resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean and maintain. All steel products available in different colours. We keep products on stock in black, white and graphite colour. Other colours are available on demand. For more information about custom colours, veneer, and colour samplers, please contact us.
  • Magnets – we use rare-earth magnets for our products. These magnets are permanent and do not loose strength over time.


This product is a part of an innovative magnetic storage solution. If you want to learn more about 3S • magnet, you can find more information here: 3S • MAGNET

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 53 cm