Magnetic wooden spoons holder


MATERIAL: wood – oak / beech (oiled by hand)

SIZE: 10 x 30 cm, height 2,5 cm

Made in our family workshop in EU.

Magnetic wooden spoons holder is one of the accessories in Steelline magnet system.

The base of the system is the 3 mm thick steel plate (available in our shop as seperate items in different dimensions), which is mounted (glued) onto a wall or any other vertical surface. A variety of magnetic shelves, hangers and holders are then fastened onto it.

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Magnetic wooden spoons holder has magnets built into the back side, which fasten the element onto the steel plate. Therefore, you can change its position from one place on the back plate to the other, without using any kind of tools.

Magnetic wooden spoons holder is very handy in kitchens for hanging spoons, ladles, scoops, egg beaters, etc., so your working surface stays free of clutter while cooking.

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Dimensions 30 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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