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in the bathroom

Whatever bathroom accessories you need 3S magnet can be your solution.

If you are still designing your bathroom you can install our panel instead of tiles, wherever you need it – as a batrhoom backsplash, next to the toilet or in the shower.

If your bathroom is just finished and you realized, you would need to drill multiple holes in order to install a toilet paper holder, a shower shelf, or a towel rack. 3S magnet no-drill batroom accessories are made for you.

If you want to modernise your bathroom, you can add a panel with towel hooks. Or if you are tired of moving the toilet brush holder from one corner to the other – it’s time to fix it on the wall, so you can clean the floor and the holder without any trouble.

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There are multiple ways to use 3S magnet system in the bathroom:

As a backsplash above the sink:

3S magnet panels are the perfect bathroom backsplash. The surface protects the wall from water and is very resistant to stains. Add on any of our no-drill batrhoom accessories, such as: bathroom shelf, towel hook, tooth brush holder or a box for your hair brushes.

Toilet accessories:

We offer a range of minimalistic and discreet toilet accessories that you glue on your wall or tiles, so they are stored conveniently above the ground – for an easy cleaning. You can find toilet paper holders, toilet brush holder, toilet paper rack and other shelves in our collection. 3S magnet toilet accessories are sold as single items or as bathroom sets. 

As a panel for shower shelves:

3S magnet system is easy to install and easier to clean! Take the shelves off and clean them in the sink.

When you have our panel, you can put add shelves and towel hook, towel bars or towel holders whenever you want. You can even hang wall plants for some decor.

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If you want to receive a price list or an offer for a custom panel, please send us a message.

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