Steelline_magnet is a creative and flexible storage solution for every room!

It’s a system of base plate and magnetic accessories.


Steelline_magnet is a completely flexible storage solution! Base plates are available in bespoke dimensions and different colours, so you can order a creative surface, fitted entirely to your wants, likes, and needs. Next, you can choose from a variety of over 40 magnetic shelves, hangers, holders, and hooks, which are fastened onto the base board. With your selection of the accessories, you can choose the purpose of your system, and you can also change the purpose at a later point. A base plate in your living room can be a blackboard and play surface for children one year, a decorative panel with small plants the next, or a wall to exhibit your souvenirs and pictures the one after that. With Steelline_magnet your creativity can roam free!


Steelline_magnet line is easy to mount and maintain. The base boards are made of 3mm steel, powder coated with a special colour, which is waterproof, fingerprint, UV and heat (up to 150°C) resistant. The plates are glued onto walls, ceramics, wood, stone, or glass with a combination of double sided tape and adhesive. The accessories are made from solid oak wood, powder coated steel, or a combination of both. Load capacity depends on the purpose of the accessories, but it ranges from 1kg (2lbs), or more, for hooks to 5kg (10lbs) for the knife holder. Aside from standard steel colours and solid oak wood, we can also produce our accessories in bespoke colours and wood types. We can also increase load capacity on request.

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”Steelline_magnet is completely flexible, due to its magnetic fastening system! You can change the position of separate elements from one place on the back plate to the other, without using any kind of tools.”

”Reposition of shelving has never been so easy, and your kitchen accessories are always neatly stored, but at hand.”

“Steelline magnet is also suitable for offices, working rooms or children’s rooms.”


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