Modular outdoor kitchen.

Prefabricated elements are designed into modules, which gives GARDEN GOURMET outdoor kitchen many advantages in comparison to classic built outdoor kitchens:

The assembly is fast, easy and doesn’t damage any of the surrounding, as even the heaviest element can be carried to site by hand.

Each module is composed of elements, which are connected with screws. When assembled the load-bearing structure is also screwed onto the concrete floor slab.

The load-bearing structure is made of steel, painted in anthracite colour. Other surfaces of the modular elements (the counter and the roof) are available in different materials and colours, so you can easily choose a combination that will be made to your taste and will fit the surroundings.

An integral part of every modular element is its cantilevered roof, which protects the kitchen from the weather, so you can use it throughout the year.

The modules can be erect individually, in pairs, in rows or facing one another, which creates a hut.


Is a unique type of fireplace on the market! For what you used to need three separate gadgets is now combined in one element with only 90cm (2ft 11,4in) width.

Multi-fireplace is made for gourmets cooks, who enjoy cooking and baking in the traditional way – with firewood, just like our great-grandmothers used to do.

Mutli-fireplace is composed of three units:

– On the bottom we have a bread oven, where you can bake everything from bread, meat, pizzas, cakes…

– Above the oven is the stove, where we can cook dishes in pots, just like on a normal stove, while simultaneously baking.

– If we wish to grill in a classic way we can prepare fire on the stove and grill on the net above it.

You can also bake under the baking lid – which is a popular technique of preparing food in Dalmatia – both in the oven as on the stove. Live coal can also be prepared on the prongs mounted above the stove.

The cantilevered roof over the fireplace makes sure you can use it throughout the year.


This module is one of the simplest, yet one of the most practical element of the outdoor kitchen. It was designed for the preparation of food.

The counter and the shelves are supported by steel structure in anthracite colour. The counter top is available in different material, such as stone, wood or a composite with a concrete coat.

The shelves and the back partitioning wall are made of wood and screwed onto the steel structure – you can also choose between natural larch wood or treated pine wood. The thermal process used for the lasting wood protection is environmentally friendly, since no chemicals are used.


If there is an option of running water in your garden, we highly recommend the module with the sink and a tap.

Various accessories are also available:

– Wooden crates for storage of tools, cooking and baking equipment, which can be placed on the shelf under the sink;

– Small shelves for spices;

– Small flower pots for spices and flowers, which are hung from the back wall of the module.


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